On Travel: Nicaragua Part 1

Warm and breezy greetings from Nicaragua!  I've already been here for a little over 24 hours and while it's been hectic with all things work related, I wanted to share three things that I already love about my time here:
  1. It's WARM!!!! As a lover of warm weather, this whole business of wearing sandals, warm breeze blowing through your afro while the warm sun beams down on you thing totally works for me (the fact that I'm actually in a office freezing because of the blasting AC is a minor detail)!
  2. Linked to my first point, I love eating outside on patios! Whether at the hotel or with colleagues, the pleasure of a meal outdoors is hard to beat. One such lovely meals included lunch at a local Nicaraguan resto that had amazing food! Go local food!
  3. I am also loving the chance to think, read, and speak in Spanish! After all the energy I once spent to learn the language, it's been so sad to feel it slip through my fingers as more time goes by without the opportunity to engage fully. Here, I get a chance to put the breaks on that downward spiral!
This lovely image is by Nicaraguan photographer Tamara Caldera.

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