Tees for Africa

As you may or may not know, generally speaking, African farmers get a raw deal in the grand scheme of trade. With no subsidies to support them and the price of raw export generating less than processed goods, most farmers on the continent struggle to make a living. These fun t-shirts are a tiny way that African Fashion Guide and Ubuntu International Project are providing support to cotton farmers on the continent. The shirts are made from 100% organic cotton grown on the continent and even better, this is a 100% made in Africa. Obviously, even the ink is eco-friendly because it would just be wrong to go all organic on the fabric and then pour chemicals all over it!

These are going to be available starting next Thursday on the African Fashion Guide site. I've marked my calendar, have you marked yours?!?

{Photo: Africa Fashion Guide}

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Uzo said...

Oh I am soooo excited!! You know I am all about adding to my "Made in Africa" collection, especially with summer around the corner - its a show stopper every time AND I get to support a great cause.