On Travel: Asunción, Paraguay

Dear friends - there is so much I wish I could tell you about Asuncion, Paraguay. After all the hoopla that was required for me to get to stay within the country, I literally had one hour before rushing to the airport to see the city beyond my hotel and office and these few images are what I was able to capture.  Here is what I can say about Asuncion....1) It's extremely green with so many trees you'd think the city carved itself around the existing jungle rather than completely destroying what was there before. 2) It seems completely laid back with the people having a very relaxed air about them. 3) In the neighborhoods, everything seems to flow seamlessly together. Cafes, galleries, offices, and more are all in homes converted for entrepreneurial purposes so when driving around, it looks like you are just riding around a housing community, when in reality, you've just passed what could be your favorite cafe and around the corner is your local dentist. 4) Last, but most importantly, it has the vibe of a place you want to return to. Something about just quietly said "come back when you have more time Brandie!"

{Photos: Brandie for Out & About Africa}

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