On Travel: Granada

It is hard not to love Granada, Nicaragua. It has so many perfect elements: tons of colorful buildings, a blindingly bright Cathedral, very delicious food, abandon buildings (which are always awesome), a main square and more! I got to go to the city twice while I was in Nicaragua although neither trip provided enough time to explore as much as I would have wanted. Nevertheless, the city is a small but booming satellite for tourists with old homes being converted into lots of bed and breakfasts, cafes and little boutiques. While having lunch in one of the main restaurants was delicious, I also got the chance to get out of the main tourist area and go to a local family restaurant that was brimming with Nicaraguan families out for a Sunday lunch. Vendors were hawking all kinds of sweets while a local band went from table to table singing Nicaraguan folk songs, kids with sticky hands ran around, and the fish (eyes included) was divine! Like I said....it's hard not to love Granada.....

{Photos: Brandie for Out & About Africa}

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