On Travel: La Recoleta Cemetery

Prior to my trip to Argentina, I'll admit that I did NOT brush up on my Argentinean history. My sister channeling Madonna's "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina" over skype was sadly my only grasp on any part of their history until I made a trip to the famous Recoleta Cemetery. Arriving at the perfect hour, I was able to latch on to a free tour of the cemetery in which our guide provided a brief breakdown of Argentinean history as seen through graves! While having one ear tuned into my free history lesson, I was also completely fascinated by all the gorgeous tombs and just the overall space. Me and my fellow tourists were herded from sepulchre to sepulchre gaining all types of little insights into the inhabitants. You would think this would be a bit of a morbid scene, but in fact it was jam packed with tourists on a beautiful, warm, sunny day with kids playing little games and just an overall jolly-good scene!

By hour 1.5 into my tour I was getting a bit restless and made a lame attempt to strict out on my own to find the sepulchre most of us had really come to see....that of the lady herself: Evita. Aisle after aisle I lost my way and even attempts to follow a guards direction eluded me. I eventually caught back up with my group and 5 seconds before the cemetery closed, our guide finally lead us to the site. While two hours was a bit much, architecturally speaking, this cemetery was a gem to experience!

{Photos: Brandie for Out & About Africa}

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