Hi folks,

Welcome to a whole new week here, one that I'm hoping will be better than last week when I was drowning in it on the day job. That said, this weekend was just what I needed (minus the part where I shelled out as part of my civic duty - read as "paying taxes" - and found myself practically delirious with rage). It was one of those weekends where I just found myself doing a bunch of little things around the house that I had been more than procrastinating on. One of those things including the wall of art behind my couch. For the longest time, it's practically been empty because I had this highbrowed thing of only wanting "original" art on my walls. That coupled with my silly idea that I didn't have enough frames meant my main wall looked this side of ridiculous!

This weekend, I decided to start doing something about that. I say "start" because it turns out that the "art walls" that you see in magazines and blogs aren't as simple as they look! Of course the hardest part is finding the actually "art" that will goes on the walls. Being a major photography lover, there was no doubt that I wanted some of the amazing photographs that I blog and pin about to be represented. That, my friends, is where life gets really complicated. For example, this amazeballs image by photographer Julio Bittencourt, would be perfect above my kitchen table. Yet the original a) doesn't come in the size that I need and b) clocking in at way more than $1,000, this work of art is so beyond my budget that it's actually hilarious! Also, unless you go shopping at some major museum, finding prints of the originals by your favorite "not as popular as Picasso" artist is darn near impossible.

Of course the best thing to do would be to print (and enlarge) some of my own photographs, but let's face it - that feels uber boring especially considering my status as "novice photographer" at best! So that's the state I'm in.....wall of art to be filled and lack of funds for originals of the pieces I love!

{Photo: Julio Bittencourt via 1500 Gallery}


Chinye said...

I absolutely love this photograph here. I too understand the trials of putting up wall art. My advice is to get the artwork first then go looking for frames. I did the exact opposite....and got frustrated quickly. I went to a local thrift store and bought all cheap frames for $1, came home and found they fit none of the photographs I had to hang!

Brandie said...

Oh Chinye - of course you were doing some serious mind reading because in classic fashion I bought the frames and THEN started looking for the art work! so sad