Through the Lens: Back to Africa

In looking at the posts throughout this month, even I was shocked to see just how little I've posted in general, and specifically about Africa. Things, especially my travel schedule, has been beyond hectic, but I'm hoping to get back on board asap.

To start this week off, I'd like to share two wonderful pictures I came across on Lightbox.  The first picture is a reflection of people who died in the Rwandan Genocide and is being displayed in the Kigali Memorial Center. I always love memorials like this. Kind of reminds me of the District Six museum in Cape Town. The images are simple, but depict so life and allows for remembrance of the individuals and the collective at the same time.

The second image of a women's association in the Congo, is also intriguing, this time more for the actual photograph. In one way, the image feels sneaky like the photographer is spying in on a private meeting and the woman looking back at the window and catching the photographer in the act. Then you add in the tones of the image and everything just makes for a wonderful shot.

{Photos: Lightbox via here and here}

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