Adjaye in D.C. Pt.1

A few days ago I saw this article and nearly died! Two D.C. public libraries had been designed by ultra cool architect David Adjaye, whom I've blogged about before, and had recently been opened to the public. Clearly not up-to-date on my D.C. news, I didn't even know that these libraries were been re-constructed, let alone by Adjaye! While I knew that Adjaye is also the mastermind behind the upcoming African-American museum, I was just excited that there was already not one, but two, pieces of his work on hand to view right here in the here and now.

On Saturday, after nearly 7 hours on the road driving up from N.C., I convinced by friends to go completely out of our way to the other side of D.C. where none of us had ever been to check on one of the two libraries. Upon arrival at the Francis A. Gregory Library, we were all floored just by the outside of the building and got even more impressed throughout ever section of the interior. In addition, to being structurally beautiful, the whole space just felt so calm and relaxing just like a library should be. It's totally the kind of space where one wants to linger around just because you can! While I am totally jealous of the folks who get to call this their local library, I'm also so proud that my city decided to make such a beautiful investment in such a public space.

I also can't wait to eventually check out the other library that Adjaye did and will share pictures as soon as I can!

{Photo: Brandie Tendai}

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Uzo said...

Wow, that is beautiful and exacting what a library should be -- welcoming -- considering all the wonders it holds.