Farmers Among Us

I've had this photo lingering in my mind for over a week trying to figure out exactly what it was stirring in me. It dawned on me that I feel like I'm missing that "internal" discussion about farming and food. By "internal" I mean among Africans, particularly the young folks. Hardly a day goes by in my office or industry without someone talking about how to improve food access and security in various African countries, but I wonder how much young Africans realize the huge importance of this industry on their lives and their country. With so many people continuing to live in rural communities, so much farming being done by older generations while the youth strive for better livelihood opportunities in the cities, it all feels like a brooding mix.

My extremely limited time in South Africa highlighted how much folks there are already on the bandwagon for good healthy food direct from local vendors. I wonder if, when, how that will eventually be manifested in other countries throughout the continent.....

{Photo: Marco Longari AFP/Getty Images via the Lightbox}

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