Indian Ocean

Oh sigh sigh sigh. How I wish this post began with the phrase "On Travel: Indian Ocean" because these photos make me want to teleport directly to any of these islands. Specifically, photographer Romain Philippon, is transporting us to the African nations of Mauritius and Madagascar as well as to his home base of Reunion Island (a French region). With their populations all containing a mix of Indian, Chinese, Austroneasian and of course black Africans from East Africa/Mozambique/Comoros not to mention those of European descent, these islands seem to have just the psycho mix of everything rolled into one. I would love the opportunity to just see and be in a space like this! And of course we can't even talk about the landscape which all looks drool worthy! I think a few months exploring these islands would be right up my alley!

{Photos: Romain Philippon}

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kelly jo said...

wow, these photos are amazing! i love the first one especially, but hearing about the island makes me want to go too!