On Travel: NYC

Late last week and over the weekend, I travelled up to New York to spend a few days with my sister(s) and catching up with friends. Honestly, I would love to feign nonchalance toward that city, but every time I visit my heart can't pretend. How I manage to feel this way and feel equally the same in an abandoned countryside is really a lifelong mystery to me. This trip, for the first time, I bypassed Manhattan completely (except for traveling in and out) and stayed completely in Brooklyn, specifically Clinton Hills and Bed-Stuy. It was the sort of weekend where one almost feels at home because the people I spent time with are family even if not always by blood. Favorite moments included lounging on a two seater chaise with one of my closest friends on my sister's rooftop as the sun was going down; chilling on my sister's patio late one night while we both read together without the need for speaking, brunch with friends where we laughed while telling brutal tales of airport immigration; moving around slack-jawed in my dream loft (more about that later) while my friend made fish stew for me (honestly just thinking about it makes me miss her immensely); three mornings of watching Tour de France to the point where my sister was trying to school me on rules by the 3rd day; one morning a "sampling" my sister's jollof rice which I tease takes her too long to make but in reality is "just right" every time; and just being in Brooklyn. Needless to say I need to return sooner rather than later! 

{Photo: Brandie Tendai}

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