Getting Back....

So honestly, I looked up and realized that almost an entire month had gone by since I last blogged! One day off became two; a week turned into four. While totally unplanned, this time off after years of blogging was just what I needed. I had reached a stage where I was totally uninspired by anything - or at least uninspired to actually do anything beyond Pinterest.

In this unscheduled break, there has been a ton of summer fun. In fact, I could easily argue that this has been my favorite summer in D.C. over the years! I have reached a stage where I have really good friends in the city who make all the stress related to other areas of life just dissipate. Due to their transient nature, I know these folks won't be around for long. I will open my eyes and they would have moved to San Francisco, Thailand, Congo, Germany, Swaziland or elsewhere. (And yes, these are indeed places that friends have either already ducked away to or are under serious consideration of heading to.) Prioritizing friends, warm summer nights on the patio chatting the evening away, Sunday's on the couch with a book, and just the overall need to "Step AWAY from the computer" after work meant this space got a tad bit neglected.

But NO MORE! When my inbox started filling up with self-sent emails titled "blog about immediately," I knew it was time to come back!

I hope you are as rejuvenated and excited to get back to exploring the wonderful and creative side of Africa with me!

{Photo: Beauty is Diverse}


Uzo said...

Glad to see you're back. I know there aren't always a ton of comments to let you know that people are reading, but we are and while substitutes exist for other sites, there isn't a substitute for this site. I can't even imagine how much work it must be to work a full day and maintain an active blog, but know, You Are Appreciated.

kelly jo said...

yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh. and i agree with every word uzo shared.