The Brogan Boot

Yesterday, in the midst of all the things I had to actually do, there was a massive online debate regarding the purchase of these Cole Haan Brogan boots. One friend was "for" but under the condition that the boots only be worn outside of pants; another friend was a "meh"; and my sister was a "I love." Yes, it's kinda early to be thinking of these things, but you see, I'll soon be in a foreign country with fall weather and I kinda need a go-to shoe for all the strolling around I intend to do. Plus these could be ideal the fall/ pre-snow winter State-side as well (I know, radical that I wouldn't buy a shoe just to wear for one week abroad). Plus there is the added pressure that I literally only have 3 shipping days left before I board a plane to decision time is seriously upon me!

What's your take: love them or leave them?

{Photos: Boots, jeans, sweater, earrings}

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kelly jo said...

buy them now. where are you going?