An American Negro?

So the other day I was walking from our head office here in Juba, Sudan to meet a friend for lunch at a nearby restaurant. As I was going, I saw two guys ahead of me and tried to pass them, but one of them told me to ‘watch out’ as I was trying to pass them by jumping over a COVERED hole in the ground. I said ‘thanks’ and moved along my merry way. As I was passing them, one said to the other something to the effect of ‘is this what they call an American Negro?’ and the other one quickly responded ‘No, this is an African.’ I almost died laughing! It totally reminded me about another incident that happened a few years ago. I was riding on the back of a boda-boda (small Vespa like motorcycles that are used as taxis in Kampala) and the driver asked me if I was a ‘nigga.’ Before I responded, I asked him what he understood the word to mean, and he said 'one parent muzungo (white) and the other black!!!'

Basically words coming from song lyrics, music videos, movies and TV don't always get understood here the way they were intended!

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