Lokichoggio - Is this the end?

I came into Loki (a.k.a Lokichoggio, Lokichokio or Lokichogio) today to check out some supplies for one of my grantees and it really is a nice break from Kapoeta. Just a brief background: Loki is about 3 hours from Kapoeta but in Kenya. It is the first town you hit after the border here. In its glory days, it was the hub of all UN and NGO activities for operations in Sudan. Basically any org which was seriously working in the region had an office or some sort of presence here. Since the peace agreement was signed in 2005 between the north and the south in Sudan, NGO offices and operations have quickly shifted to Juba (capital of South Sudan) leaving a lot of vacant spaces and lost jobs here in Loki.

One of the places that may be on it's last leg is Trackmark (images above). This is a lodging camp. It started 13 years ago by a Kenyan pilot who needed a mid-point to rest during trips between Sudan and Nairobi. It then started hosting other pilots and eventually opened its gates for everyone. Back in the 'good' days (good for their business, bad cause thousands of Sudanese who were suffering), this place was packed all the time. Now with everyone going to Juba, customers only trickle in. Due to its proximity, my org can still come here and get some supplies even though our Loki office also recently closed with all of our operations now based out of Juba and Nairobi. This place is really heaven for me. The tukuls (huts) have AC, there is a swimming pool and they make great meals, especially their morning omelets which is really just a fantasy when I'm in Kapoeta. So the idea of this place closing is really just sad..... :(

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