Can I live here???

I'm literally obsessed with all things interior design related and this find is just awesome. Hout Manor Bay, a small hotel in Cape Town, recently redesigned their place and it is just lovely. It's been mentioned on both All Things Bright and Beautiful as well as Elle Decoration SA so it's really only new to me (and maybe you). I've been to many hotels and hostels and just holes in the wall with rat crawling below that call themselves accommodation in the countries I've lived and traveled to in Africa. For the nicer hotels, it seems there are really 3 design themes: Safari style, the all-white coastal look, or colonial style. While many hotels do these look very well (see basically any hotel in Kenya for all three styles), it is extremely refreshing to see such a modern, bright, colorful new look - sorta like a combination of all 3 styles but with a lot more color! The interior design company, Cecile and Boyd, did the redesign.

Custom-made Zulu umbrellas against the blue striped chairs.....

I LOVE the fan and the wallpaper adds such a nice dose of color against the browns in the furniture.

Did I already mention that I can't get enough of the wallpaper (check out the design on the bottom)? The painting in the back, PLUS the hats on the wall.......

I just love the little hats that seem to be provided (of course it could have been placed there for the picture, but still)

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