Oh the hotness!

I was watching the episode of Sex in the City last night in which Carrie is annoyed by Mr. Bigs roaming eye to all the hot females that reside in New York City. There is NO denying the large quantity of very attractive women in that one city and I love the fact that they come in all sizes shapes and colors. That said, there is no doubt that the Western standard of beauty remains the white, very skinny woman and this topic draws interesting debates during each fashion week when you look at the runways and there are so few black, brown, light tan or basically anything other than white models strutting the catwalks from New York to Milan. This is why I like looking at the South African fashion shows which seem so much more colorful in terms of the models represented.

Now despite living in the U.S. for the last 18 years (more or less), I have yet to be bamboozled by the industry's trickier. On the contrary, I'm of the mindset that the more pigmentation and curvature a woman has all the better! So you can only imagine what it's like actually LIVING on an entire continent where brown women (in all their various shades) are the majority rather than the minority! Really, women can't come here if they have a complex about how they look because any insecurity will be multiplied exponentially! I was recently at the salon in Kampala and it was actually shocking the number of SUPERMODEL like beauties coming in and out of that place or walking down the street or even serving damn drinks on the plane! And lets not even TALK about the ladies in Mozambique! I have yet to visit so many parts of this continent, but one thing I'm certain off is that it is practically overflowing with beautiful women.

Some of you may think I'm just being a bit biased cause I'm black and you'd be darn right, but I'm not alone in this opinion. You need to spend less than a few minutes even at an airport to know the men arriving here think they've reached Mecca and proceed to spend the rest of their time in Africa acting like it. I think it's really just too much for some to handle and they must think 'why choose one when there are literally ten others within a mile!?!?' And needless to say African men, from north to south, east to west totally know they got the best end of the stick!

This whole thing gets a little tricky in really really colonized places where mind games have really messed up people's concepts of beauty and white women are basically idolized or others were certain complexions were played off each other and today people think that the lighter one is, the more beautiful. This, coupled with the sad number of really beautiful black women who think that they have to do all kinds of tricks with their image to be considered beautiful by looking and acting as 'white' as they possibly is a real tragedy. But whether they see it in themselves or not, they are here nonetheless, beautiful as they are!

Anyway....words don't do enough justice for the women here. You really have to be here to believe! :)

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