African Safari prints

June's issue of O Magazine features safari-inspired African prints. I love how it makes it seem as if zebra and cheetah prints have NEVER been done on the runways of fashion capitals before, but I guess it is all about making the old look new time and time again. Plus, it still feels like when it comes to African inspired fashion, westerner designers are still stuck on either beads or animal prints, mostly from East Africa (or South Africa) where most tourists hit when they even think about the continent.

Anyway, I can't hate O for only featuring American designers (even though the shoot was done in South Africa) as she does have an audience to think about and unfortunately, not too many African designers have made it into main stream America market....YET!*

* The SA version of the magazine focuses on African designers, but I can only get those types of magazines in the big cities of Nairobi or Kampala...places I clearly haven't been in a while or I'd still be sane! :)

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