Death So Close

First thing this morning, I found out that a colleague passed away! He was our 'do-it-all' man in Nairobi. He had been sick for a while and had been in and out of the office over the last few months, but to think that he is just gone.....

That's one of the things I find sorta scary about the parts of Africa I've lived in, it always feels like someone know by only 1 or 2 degrees of separate could go at any time, or be injured or harmed in some way. Whether through random crime, airplane crash, or disease (i.e. the big bad HIV/AIDS)...someone you know could go before you can even think twice. I know it is the same anywhere, but it somehow feels more pronounced here....

The whole thing reminds me about how fleeting life can be, and just why it is so important to live your best life during every day that you have, because tomorrow certainly isn't promised!

I can only hope that this guy enjoyed his life.

Anyway..I promise happy posts tomorrow!

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