I'd rather be in.....Lamu!

As a globe trotting gal, I've rarely traveled to the same place. Every time I've considered going back to a place that I loved, I've always thought about the new place that I haven't been and that new place always win. In the next few weeks, I'm going to break this habit by visiting 3 places I've already been - Seattle, Portland (Maine), and London - all of which I really loved visiting. Sadly, one of the places that I won't be visiting is the AMAZING island of Lamu on the Kenyan coast. It was one of the first places that I actually visited twice (August 2004 and January 2005) and both times I went solo. I would never have imagined myself going to the same romantic, chill island twice let alone by myself! But what can I say, no one was available to come and I've certainly done stranger things!

Anyway, at this very moment I rather be in Lamu enjoying the ocean, good seafood, great fruit drinks, a nice book, and walking through the maze of a town....even if I would have to do it alone again.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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