Back 'Home'

On Friday I was dreaming about being in Lamu, but by Saturday afternoon, I was extremely happy to be back in Kapoeta. As some of you may remember, this is the town that I spent the first 9 months of my time here in Sudan so it is very special. After only a 5 hour journey by road (it use to be a brutal 7 but a company has improved several sections of the road), I stepped out of the car and was greeted by a very shy Somehow. Once he realized that it was really me, he became crazy excited and was jumping all over me.

I rounded the corner to the conference hall area and the entire camp were lounging watching a dvd movie collection (think Rambo I, II, III and any other testosterone filled movie) and drinking cold beers. They all ran out to give me hugs and greetings. It was truly a 'coming home' moment. That night, more cold beers were passed around, meat (and chicken for me) was thrown on the grill, the dogs - Somehow and his sidekick Skiddish also known as 'Nameless' - were running around collection leftovers and even the T.O.C (the cat) made a guest appearance.

Look at this handsome happy face!!!

I had really missed Somehow, but I am amazed at what a happy trooper he is! This dog is living the good life here! The compound here is huge so he literally goes where he pleases. There are guys all around so finding someone to rough play with is hardly a problem. He is well fed by the cook who makes sure that he has a full plate of food in the morning plus everyone gives him food during lunch and dinner. When it rains, he hangs out in the kitchen with the cat where it is always warm and he needs only to scratch on the door of one of the guys here and he has a safe place to sleep at night. However, most nights he roams the streets of Kapoeta going from compound to compound to visit friends and probably impregnate a few ladies! Now that I'm here, his up to his tricks that he knows only works on foreigners, mainly ripping the bottom part of my pants which he considers playing and climbing unto my lap because he still thinks he's a pup.

Finally, to ensure that I really feel back in Kapoeta, the skies have opened up and it is currently POURING!! Being that this is rainy season, this isn't too surprising. What I have forgotten though is just how cold it becomes and now that I don't live here full time, all my bare rain necessities such as rain boots, sweater, socks, are all back in Juba while I'm shivering here in Kapoeta! Anyway...I'm just excited that I get to spend the majority of my last few days in Sudan here in Kapoeta!

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