A favorite, very easy to make drink here in Sudan (and from what I hear it is popular all over the Middle East, especially Egypt, and also in West Africa), is called karkaday - basically hibiscus tea.

So the simple way to start is:
- rinsed karkaday (or hibiscus tea bags if that's what you have)
-boiling water

Seep the tea for as strong as you like it and add sugar when the water is still hot. Let it cool off, add some ice cubes and there you go.

BUT.....why stay basic when there are sooo many better things you can add:
- my friend throws in fresh pineapple chunks (or basically any fresh fruit will do)
- you can also throw in cardamom and/or cinnamon sticks
- Martha Stewart adds apple juice, mint, ginger, etc

What I would really really like to try with my next attempt is Mint Iced Cubes
- boiling water
- handful of fresh mint leaves
- sugar

Mix everything together. Cool off. Freeze in ice tray until needed. I've actually tried this before and it is really great with just about everything.

Now I'm just sitting back in this melting heat of Juba and imagining a cool glass of karkaday with sugary mint melting and mixing and becoming just ready for me to drink!

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