Tequila Night

I participated in a what seems to be a very normal thing for expats in this neck of the woods.....a lot of drinking. I generally like wine, and your fruity drinks, but I really like whiskey just straight up. Since none of those were available last night, I settled with tequila (also straight up) with a little squeeze of lime. OH HAPPY DAY!!!!! And it was perfect because I was already in the guesthouse I'm staying at (drinking with my colleagues) and once I finished the bottle (it wasn't full when I started ;) ), I could take stumble only 10 steps and land in bed. Since getting drunk isn't something I do on a regular basis, every now and then it is fun.

Drinking a lot is very common here and I can only assume it is another cooping mechanism used to deal with the stress that comes with the work and living conditions.

Anyway...since I'm still a little hungover, I'm going to sign out for now. I'm heading to a place called Morobo until next Tuesday so I'll write more when I get back.

Have a great weekend!

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Danielle said...

I see you might have taken a liking to tequila!! lol- my personal favorite drink at the moment is the traditionally Brazilian drink- Caipirinha!! I can have several on a good night!! lol- but when you get back to the states i'll be 21(my birthday is next friday the 23rd) so well have to have a drunken night out!!

love ya