Ananse Village

Wax print

An anonymous reader, after picking up my obsession for textiles and love of wax prints, was kind enough to send me the link to Ananse Village. This is a site that offers....

'the finest traditional African crafts produced in a fair trade environment. By working directly with village artisans we are able to positively affect the economic development in the most needy areas. Ananse Village is dedicated to supporting small scale production by talented craftspeople. A portion of our profits helps provide medical care and educational opportunities to the communities we work with.'

I love this mud cloth

In addition to the beautiful fabrics, I also love the beads and baskets that they offer!Handmade baskets from Swaziland

Beads from Ghana

Thanks so much anonymous reader!!

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'47 Ranch Dressing said...

This beautiful shop, if it is the same one, is in Fort Bragg on the Mendocino Coast, right on the edge of town. The husband and wife team who run it are very nice! Ananse Village has a wonderful variety of decorative craft goods, textiles (my passion also!) and a fabulous selection of books and African music recordings, too. My kids have fun trying out wide variety of musical instruments. I try to stop there every time I'm in the Mendocino area for a vacation getaway. It is an oasis within an oasis! Definitely worth a visit.