One of the African designers I've had my eye on for a while is Carol Muthiga who is the Kenyan jewelry designer behind Kipepeo. So I'm in Manhattan on Friday and walking to my favorite handbag store - Blue Bag - and when I get there , they are still closed. Luckily for me, I continue walking down the street and a few doors down is.....Kipepeo!! I walk in and look at the loveliness that greets me....

A view from inside the shop

I'm strolling around trying on different earring and this lovely Black woman is telling me that everything I'm trying on looks beautiful (which was the truth ;) ) and she's decked out in this jewelry. I'm thinking to myself....man I would love to work here just to get a discount on all this jewelry. Low and behold, it was Miss Carol in the flesh! It was very exciting to see that the force behind such beautiful jewelry that has been seen on just about every hot artist out there, was still on the ground working with the day-to-day customer like yours truly!
Photo from http://www.whotelsthestore.com/index.asp

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