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On Monday I was checking out one of my new favorite blogs Aphrochic and there was a post about an art gallery called Amaridian that focuses on African designers. Since I was going into the city, I decided to check out that gallery. One New Jersey transit ride into the city (30 minutes), plus one subway ride to Soho (less than 30 minutes), and one block in the wrong direction, I found myself at the doors of this great gallery.

Right from the heavy glass doors, you know this is going to be cool. The door handles are craved wood straight from Africa and as soon as you walk in, you see these cool woven baskets (see image above). Further along in the gallery, you see some of the Zulu baskets that you may have seen on the Ananse Village website. It's very interesting to see the modern take on the traditional basket with both of them side-by-side.
Three steps in and you see the first of one of my favorite pieces by Malian artist Cheick Diallo. These woven chairs are amazing and one would definitely add a pop of color to any living space.

Image from http://universes-in-universe.de/specials/africa-remix/diallo/english.htm

For those of you in the New York City area, I definitely recommend a trip down Africa lane at this gallery. If you aren't nearby, you'll just have to drowl over the great pieces from Mr. Diallo and other artists on their website.

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Jeanine Hays said...

Hi, this is Jeanine from AphroChic. I am so glad that you got to visit Amaridian! It sounds like it was a great experience. On my next visit to New York I will definitely have to take a trip and visit the gallery. Thanks for mentioning AphroChic. I really like your blog, and will be sure to check back regularly.