Land Rover - Out of Africa

While reading a very serious and depressing article in the New York Times about the economy, I noticed a link to another article in the auto section titled 'Out of Africa, to Brooklyn.' I clicked over and see an image of a huge 1965 Land Rover Series IIa.

This car is a staple in my memories of East Africa and clearly is a key piece of nostalgia for Geoffrey Good as well. The article goes on to explain how this jewelry designer spent years searching for the Land Rover of his youth and finally found this one in 2004. The best part is that the car is so unique that he doesn't have to worry about it being stolen just because it's so complicated to even start it!

I know two guys who had (have) old Land Rovers and despite the various headaches associated with maintaining it, they are both so attached to the car and when you get in it, you can totally understand why. It totally makes going anywhere (even the supermarket) feel like such an adventure!

In addition, these cars are just so freaking strong! In Sudan, one N.G.O. only bought Land Rovers just because they could get out of anything. While other vehicles were swallowed by rivers and mud, the Land Rover could just rip right through it!

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Athena said...

One of the best cars for the Afrikan terrain:))