Day in New York City

On Saturday I finally made the short ride from into Manhattan for a day of unknown. I love that feeling of driving into the city and as soon as you come out through the Lincoln Tunnel, you are hit with CITY. Everything already feels more chaotic and you haven't even been in the city for more than a few minutes. I drove to my favorite threading salon near my old office and in less than 15mins, the lady had worked her little magic and I was out of the door. I headed further downtown to meet my girl and we headed off for brunch. Now, brunches in New York are basically a weekend ritual, so it's generally a big deal. There are tons of places offering mouth-watering brunches. This time we passed our once favorite Cafe Mogador and headed across the street to a new joint. Cafe Mogador use to be awesome but with long lines, ridiculous waits even when you are seated, it's lost its mojo as far as I'm concerned.

Brunch turned out to be a 2.5 hour laugh-fest! We met another girl and her roommate who turned out to be great and I learned about all the scandal that goes on in the modeling world, and of course no conversation is complete without talking about the size of a NYC apartment or more places to eat in the city. Later, my girl and I walked around the neighborhood, going in and out of small boutiques, trying on hats, and coveting Moroccan carpets at a local shop.

I then met up with another friend and we headed to Brooklyn which is it's own little world. We met up with a more friends and it was so nice because I hadn't seen them in over a year so it was great to just catch up. We all ended up in Prospect Park, sneaking wine and other beverages (no public drinking allowed), eating too many cheese balls and just goofing off until way past dark. I was then suckered into going to this organic ice-cream parlor. A friend said it was the 'best' and I, being the supreme ice-cream connoisseur, was very skeptical. Of course it was nothing compared to Grom (my favorite parlor in the city), but that didn't stop me from tasting just abut every flavor they had. Yay to free testing!!

We met more friends and ended up at a local bar where I got a grilled cheese sandwich (something I hadn't had yet since my return) and watching this girl do a 'dance' under a small disco dance and she wasn't even good. I finally ended up back in Manhattan and as I walking down the street watching the over dressed ladies jumping in and out of cabs, it really hit me that this was such a past life of mine. It's fun to go in for a day or weekend, but now I know it's not in me to live that life again...maybe this it is just that my inner country girl /home-body/hermit coming out in it's full glory...I don't know. This isn't to say that I'm not looking forward to living in A city, just that New York is way to crazy for me.

I think this is one of the best things about 'growing up' - this process of figuring out what no longer works for me.....

Anyway...I'm off to DC today so I'll write more later this week.

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