I'd Rather Be......Outside!!!

So while I was enjoying my morning shower, I was thinking about this post and specifically 'where I'd rather be.' Today was a ridiculously gorgeous day and in thinking about all the places I'd rather be, I realized I actually just wanted to be outside. I had been planning a trip up to Ringwood State Park, one of my favorite parks in northern New Jersey. After a nice breakfast, I made the 45min trip and it was worth every minute. I hiked around, ran into a friendly deer, sat on some rocks overlooking the beautiful Sheperd Lake and enjoyed every single minute just enjoying the fresh air and a perfect day!

Wherever you are, I hope you can take a chance to take a get away from work or whatever you are doing and spend a little time outside enjoying the fresh air and a bit of nature (even if nature is 8 feet of snow and just a gazillion below zero where you are)!
Have a good weekend!

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