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I know I often post African designers that don't sell in the U.S., so to kick off the week, I'm showing you what you can find here in the U.S. or at least have mailed to you. I discovered Etsy a while ago and I love it. You can find just about anything and while everyone doesn't always sell stuff that I would use my hard earned dollars for, there are definitely some designers worth the penny, plus, I love the idea of helping someone who is just starting out. Any of these artists feel like they could be working in the basement next to mine!

offers cute A-lined skirts, clutches and belts using African wax prints. According to Kim:

'I started seriously acquiring african wax print and dreaming up my own skirts while living in nigeria in 2005 -- unfortunately difficult to come by in most of the u.s., these vibrant, eye-catching patterns are really fun to wear, and my aim with sabi sabi is to increase their accessibility and spread the love!'

While the designs are pretty simple, the prints are bold enough to carry the look.

Sabisabi also maintains an ongoing collection of prints on flickr that you can have custom made into a skirt, belt or purse.

Coming out of Cameroon via Quebec, Rachel over at Minka Handbags uses African prints to make...you guessed it...HANDBAGS! As an addict of handbags, you KNOW that I just had to list this one!

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Oh My Goodness! Gorgeous!

Felicia, This Time in Seoul