Greenacre Park

A few years ago while living in New York, I 'discovered' this beautiful small park a few blocks away for my favorite cupcake shop on the 50s in Manhattan. Tucked away from the business that is Manhattan, this tiny park has a beautiful waterfall and little tables where you can just sit and enjoy reading a paper, or in my case, stuffing my face with a cupcake!

A few weeks ago, I toke my friend Alicia to this park because she had never been there. I absolutely love sharing little finds like these.

Well, while I'm sure it wasn't a secret from the gazillions of New Yorkers in that area, the secret is now fully exposed due to the New York Times which featured this park in it's travel section. The funy part is that I never even knew the park name or exact address. I just always new that it was 'nearby.'

Anyway...above is just a little view of a place that's important to me! :)

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