SLOWLY Coming Along

I just wanted to give you a small snap of what I spend a lot of my time on these days when I'm not working, cooking, or reading: MY HOME!!! First, I can't express the huge buzz of excitement I feel every time I say the word 'home!' It feels like I've been homeless (ok, in spaces that weren't 100% mine) for YEARS so the thrill I feel at having my very own place to decorate and just BE is beyond words.
Anyway...while this bedroom of mine looks SO simple (for now), I can't express how much hoopla went into this. It took about a week after I moved in for a friend to help me pick-up the bed; then I didn't have the proper do-hicky to put the legs on until yesterday, and I just didn't have the energy to spray paint the headboard until today, and of course the ONE can of spray paint wasn't enough forcing me to journey back to Home Depot. I swear those people know me on a first name basis!! Anyway, it has a long way to go to being 100% cosy, but this is a start.


A Spark of Me said...

Cute place sis! Send me an email with your new number and I'll do likewise- i WANT an update!

Miss ya,

x x x

Dana said...

I think your bedroom looks fantastic! I think I used a similar blue in my kid's bathroom. Is that Peacock Blue?

Starlet aka Minutestar said...

omg, i love the bed!! SO VERY adorable.

Ati Okelo said...

I found your blog through the decor8 site- and it caught my eye since I love DC (and live in DC), and love Africa (grew up in Nairobi).

Love love love the blue! I am excited to see the rest of the room once you are done.