Nomads and Housewives

Another blog about Africa just joined the ranks and this one is by my friend Kelly Jo who is living in Yola, Nigeria. I'm so excited that she finally started this blog because she is always exploding with cool ideas so I can't wait to see what she presents on her blog!

The name 'Nomads and Housewives' is not surprising at all as she has been loving this name FOREVER. I wouldn't be surprised if she told me she has it legally copyrighted!! How did she come up with it.....

"i interviewed the sudenese 'lost boy' refugees in kenya for possible resettlement to america. i had to ask them what their parents did for a living. nine times out of 10 they said their fathers were 'nomads' and their mothers were 'housewives'. for about ten years in africa that description fits my own life perfectly. unusual travel and anything related to home, food, and design from under-covered regions of the world are what you're gonna get here."

I hope you enjoy!


adriana said...

Hi! It´s my first time here.
I found you because I´ve been looking for imagens with african fabrics.
I´m working with that now, you can see in:
The question is , where can I find them??
Thanks and I´m sorry about my english!!!

Fly Girl said...

I like that name too, it has a lot of spark! Will check out the blog soon!

adriana said...

Thank you for your reply brandie!
Have a nice week!