I was reading an article about the Latin Grammys on Friday afternoon and learned about the singer Buika. Born to parents from Equatorial Guinea, she grew up on the Spanish island of Mallorca in the 'hood being the only person of African origin around. She has a great collection of songs specializing in flamenco but mixing in a lot of jazzy beats. I have been listening to her all weekend and her music (and lyrics) go straight to the soul! You can click here to hear a short interview on NPR, for those who understand Spanish, here is a more in-depth interview. Below is one of my favorite songs 'Jodida pero Contenta' and you can click here to hear my other favorite.

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Fly Girl said...

Can I tell you that I've been listening to her album for months? Her CD cover alone, with her bare brown skin, caught my attention out of the dozens of CDs that labels send me. "Nina de FUego" is my fave, the power and passion flames out at you.