Decorating like Cooking

So with each step, I'm learning that decorating a space is sorta like trying out a new recipe (at least if you do it the way I do). While I usually read all the necessary ingredients and know the procedure, I tend to stray from the recipe, trying to go with what I like. Sometimes it turns out great and other times, not so great. My bedroom is moving into the not so great territory. There is still hope...but right now, I've lost direction. The other weekend, I added a few more pieces thinking that it was a great move and some days I love it more than others. I love the pop of color that the lamp adds and the print on the chair is great and it's comfortable....I'm just not sure. I think this is what happens when one doesn't have a clear vision.
As a result I'm taking MUCH more time and planning with the living room, hoping that it will come together a little smoother with less second guessing on my part. Here is a start of a concept board for my living room.
My walls are already that 'spiced butternut' color from Behr.com and I bought the most comfortable couch from Mitchell Gold and Bob Williams with a beautiful blue interwoven style of the slipcover. I love this tufted chair (also from MG+BW) and the icing on the cake will be the Kyle Bunting cowhide rug (I don't eat cow meat but have no problem using cowhide as deco - I know, my morals are all screwed up) that will pull in some of the blue from the couch, the yellow tunes from my walls and the brown from the chair. Now I just need ottoman (instead of coffee table), lamps, and wall art.


Corinna said...

Hi Brandi,

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm over Kyle Bunting luxury hide rugs. It's great that you mentioned us in your blog. We would love to help make your room a reality. We welcome all inquires so if you should need any assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at www.kylebunting.com.

Thanks again!


kelly jo said...

seriously, how do you put all those photos and labels in one photo posting? i'm not at all surprised at your good taste, but i'm surprised the fabric on the chair isn't more, hmmm, orange and blue?

fyi, ran out of university phone credit for the month, so unless you call me you'll have to wait for the 1st.