Textile Museum Inspiration

Good Morning!
How was your weekend? I had a pretty quite one, but I did get out there and do a few new things. On Saturday, I went to the Textile Museum here in Washington. First, I love textiles and second I love free museum (the best of course being the Met in NYC) so it was a great combination for me. There were two interesting exhibits: Timbuktu to Tibet: Rugs and Textiles of the Hajji Babas and Accessories from the Bolivan Highlands both of which were quite interesting. It's a small museum which is nice but it definitely inspired me to check out the Smithsonian's textile collection.

After that I met up with my Spanish tutor which was great minus the fact that I hadn't eaten all day and struggled to focus on the language rather than my growling stomach. But I just glad that I've started doing this. It's amazing how quickly one can lose a language if you don't speak it frequently. I'm sure about stint of living in a Spanish speaking country would quickly solve this problem for me, but since that's not going to happen right now, this is a great alternative. I still have to conquer French and start Portuguese so I have a LONG way to go!

When I got home, I was inspired by my trip to the museum to show you some of the fabrics I've picked up over the years in various parts of eastern Africa. Some I bought without thinking too much and now with ALL of them, I'm still considering what will be the best use of these in my apartment. Any suggestions are more than welcome. hope you enjoy!

(All pics were taken by yours truly)


Bohemian Bookworm said...

I love textiles as well. I'm trying to stop myself from buying this book of textile patterns from the bookstore....I don't know what I'd do if we had a textile museum here!

kelly jo said...

blue and yellow. definitely. i can see it on a table top, or as a wall hanging, or as little pillows. it screams 'i am brandie' for sure.