Christophe Calais: Bantus coming to America

French photojournalist Christophe Calais was introduced to me by my dear friend Helen who just knew that I would love his work and indeed I do. He has spent much f his career focused on capturing images in Rwanda. In recent years, he has worked with the great organization Mapendo International, capturing images of refugees being resettled into the U.S. I especially love the following images of Somali Bantus who were resettled a few years ago after spending just about forever either being persecuted in their country or living in refugee camps in Kenya. Prior to their departure for the land of the free, they had to pick up a few basic skills:

Yes ladies, no more walking a 100 miles to gather wood to cook for the family at the high risk of getting raped! Just a switch of the knob and one match stick and you've got FIRE!

And need I even mention how much I love the image of all their different fabrics mixing, matching and clashing?!?First ever plane ride

Toilet 101: Make sure you stay inside the circle, use the flush switch and put the seat down. I especially love the woman who clearly wants to check it out, but also seems a bit hesitant and is keeping her distance.

Make sure all children are clearly labeled! You wouldn't want to loose one of these in all that immigration shuffle!

Learning how to identify the bathroom, especially the one you are NOT suppose to enter.

Learning all about the magical box (also known as a fridge) and those cold little things called ice cubes!

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