Based on an African woman's name that means lovely and unique, DaWanda is the Etsy of Europe. Similar to it's American counterpart, DaWanda carries some unique designs and items that are African inspired and of course featured here:

London-based Norah over at Alkina Collections carries pieces designed by artisans in southern Morocco. Handmade leather belts and beautifully handwoven scarves in so many colors:Plisse Africain is line of Africa-meets-Dutch cloth jewelry by a Amsterdam-based jewelry designer Marije Geursen:She also makes very cool brooches such as these:
Over at JuneShop, you have beautiful frill tops with fun wax prints in the front that can easily be worn with jeans or a simple skirt to keep it casual or under a blazer to make it a bit more formal.

Africaworks aims to:
"wants to show the world that Africa is a continent that is bursting with creativity, authenticity, passion and color. It is a continent always on the move! All these elements are fused into one in each individual artwork that Africaworks has to offer. The aim is to assist the development of a country by supporting and promoting artists so that they can become self-supportive, financially independent and that they are therefore equipped with a higher sense of pride, self-respect and dignity"

For more about the team at DaWanda, click here and here to read an interview by Holly over at decor8.

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