Yinka Shonibare

Whenever I'm in a new city, I always visit at least one local museum and/or other exhibition of art because I really believe that the art of a people really show a unique aspect of their history and characteristic. Unfortunately, this isn't an activity I usually do in whatever city I'm usually living in. In New York, I only went to the MET and other 'big' museums on rare occasions and didn't see a third of the gazillion art galleries that the city has to offer. So with this poor history in mind, I decided to turn over a new leaf and enjoy as much art as I can in this city. Lucky for me, the Smithsonian is all FREE and within a few minutes walking distance from my home so I have little excuse. So this weekend I decided to explore the National African Art Museum to see an exhibit on North African jewelry. I was slightly underwhelmed by the museum but an installation by the London based Nigerian artist Yinka Shonibare. This first image so grabbed my attention that I actually turned to it twice before leaving the museum. I love how fun and whimsical it appears. The other two pictures showcase a practice of the artist to use wax printed fabrics made into Victorian pieces for expressing his vision.

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