Liberia, Sierra Leone and Sudan

What do these three countries all have in common?!?! Well, today I found out that the three projects that my company manages in those countries may be coming to my portfolio and they may need a new lacky! Like a pup knowing a bone is about to be thrown, I was basically leaping all over my manager saying 'PLEASE, PLEASE, PICK ME!!!' (obviously in a more demure, professional, less desperate manner). While I'll continue managing my current projects in Iraq, just the mere possibility of working on a project in Africa sent my spirit leaping and laughing along.

*Note: In my line of duty, 'working' on a project means that you get to go to the country where that project is located hence the opportunity to travel to a country I want to go to is very exciting!

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Ju Padilha said...

what kind of work you do in these local projects? I wis hluck for you!