Friendly Affirmations

One of the greatest things I find about growing older is the affirmations that comes with knowing a little bit more about myself. The feeling of 'this is definitely, 100%, bonafide ME!' Tonight, I had one of those affirming moments. I was sitting in a bar, having beers with a friend that I haven't seen for over a year, and I got that 'this is what life is about' (at least for me) feeling. No matter what the relationship is (romantic, familial, platonic), I love that feeling of just connecting with someone else. I'm not talking about the 'I have 250 friends on Facebook' types of connections. I mean the text message saying 'I so glad I got to see you,' or 3 phone calls a day just to shot the breeze, or a 'come spend a holiday with me' or a 'you better be around when my baby is born' or a I'm coming all the way to the bush, just to see you kind of connection. It's all about taking that brief moment out of your crazy hectic day or week or month and doing something small to show the love. What makes it even better is when that connection can continue to take place despite years and/or distance.

Now, I have to admit that I am a very lucky person because I happen to have terrific friends who continue to reaffirm my belief that having a good friend and being a good friend is a privilege and I can only hope that my actions reflect this belief.

Anyway, I would generally be teasing my sister for being too dramatic if she were the one writing this post so I'm going to stop while I'm already behind.......a much less mushy post to follow! :)

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