Nothing seems to do a fashion line as good as a little star power and the label LemLem has a lot of that! Founded by Ethiopian model Liya Kebede, the children's clothing line using natural cotton handmade in Ethiopia. LemLem, which means 'bloom' in Amharic, got started in the spring of last year and is available both here and in Europe for those willing to pay (a baby shirt can run up to $200). Until the day I loose my mind and spend that much on a baby's shirt that they are just going to drool and on ruin, or worse still - grow out of - I'll just enjoy the pretty pictures, wrap myself in my Ethiopian scarf, and HOPE that the Ethiopian mama who makes this stuff is getting a nice cut!

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Fatymah said...

and shes back!! my favorite fashion nutter! you inspire me.. a blog takes commitment man!
sup sugar ??