Holiday Recap

Wow, I can't believe it's been so long since my last post. Well, let's start with a little recap of the last 2 weeks.

Christmas: I headed up to Ohio for a few days of hanging out with my family. I didn't realize how exhausted I was until I found myself sleeping and sleeping and only getting up to eat. But overall it was great. It was the first time this year that I hung out with my mom and sister without any major agenda or feeling too crunched for time.

New Years: A friend of mine that I use to work with in Sudan was in town visiting family and it was great that I got to hang out with him as well as another friend who has just moved back to the U.S. from Sudan and who was in D.C. for a job interview. We hung out and rung the new year in together.

A very good friend of mine got married on New Years day in Northern New Jersey and it was great to see her in all her bridal glory. Unlike some of those mega weddings where the bride and broom are too busy to really hang out, I actually got to spend a little time with her and joke around so that was also really nice especially since I won't see her for a while (she is moving back to Hawaii). Post wedding, I went into the city with another friend and had a FANTASTIC day in NYC. We walked all around and I didn't even mind the cold. We even made it to my favorite Venezuelan restaurant on Friday night before I went to Brooklyn to hang out with my sister again.

Hair cut: One of the highlights of this holiday period was my haircut. I was determined to find a place in DC that could give me a nice trim and maybe even try out a new hair style since I had been growing my hair out for a while. I went to a salon two days before the wedding so that I would look presentable but instead left the salon looking HORRIBLE. I had received the absolute WORST haircut of my LIFE!!! Literally one side of my head was visibly shorter than the other! I didn't realize just how bad it was until I came home and really styled it the way I usually do (wash and go). The next day, I found a barber that did a better job, but considering it was a Korean woman who i'm sure had NEVER done a black person's here, there was still much work to be done after she was finished. Luckily I looked presentable enough to arrive late to work and attend the wedding. It wasn't until Saturday when I was in Brooklyn that I was able to find a barber who could cut my hair evenly. My mission to find a good place in D.C. continues, however needless to say, I'm a little frightened!

Well, now that the holidays are over, I'm back to blogging on a regular basis!

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