Asa on Morning Becomes Eclectic

I blogged about the Nigerian artist Asa last year and how much I just love her sound. So yesterday morning while getting ready for work, I downloaded my morning podcasts. Monday's are usually my free day because my favorite morning podcasts aren't available until Tuesday. As I result I usually get a choice between listening to a short story in the morning. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Asa had made her American radio debut on one of my favorite radio stations and shows "Morning Becomes Eclectic." This is a great music station becomes it plays great music, artists that are not mainstream yet. This show is particularly good because it's a whole 45mins of live acoustic music with artists describing a bit about themselves and their music but for the most part letting their music to most of the talking. Also because it's acoustic and so upclose, there is no lip-syncing or anything like that. If you can't sing, it will be crystal clear! This session was Asa was soo good and the perfect way to walk to work on the last sunny and warm* day of this week!

Either way, you can click here to download the session either in video format or audio format and enjoy this private concert whenever you want.

*Note: you know winter has officially gotten to me when 35 degrees is a 'warm' day for me!

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