I can't remember if I found out about ceramist Flavia del Pra before or after I signed up for my pottery class, but I do know for sure that I fell in love with her work the minute I spotted the first handmade table lamp base over at Anthropologie. I found more of her work over on Bodie and Fou and literally found myself looking all over for more of her bright colorful designs. This Brazilian ceramist also has several degrees in textile design under her belt adding more influences to her beautiful work. When she wants to focus on just her ceramics, she has no qualms tag-teaming fellow Brazilian Adriana Barra for the design of the lamp shades.

These lamps really have me feeling very ambitious when I go to my pottery class every week. So what that it's only day three?!? I can totally make a colorful lamp base and sell it for mega-dollars! I got skills!

Ok, not really, but it never hurts to dream about being able to make such beautiful things to grace the bare spaces of my little apartment!

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