Lucas Rise Takes on Africa


Do you know that feeling of looking at an abstract painting in a museum and the little plaque is describing how the artist has beautifully depicted the American Civil War or the joy of birth in their painting and all you can see are 3 straight lines across the canvas? Well, that's sorta how I felt when I discovered Argentinian muralist/artist Lucas Rise's interpretation of Africa on very large closets. While I can't say that looking at these pieces for more than 5 minutes has made me "see" the artist's vision nor would I have any clue what to do with such a kaleidoscope of color in my home, I still think these pieces are amazing!

Somewhere in Africa

African Whimsical

African Breeze

Virgin de Cameroon


Happy Weekend!


kelly jo said...

i remember seeing these several months ago and wanting one NOW. what if we went in on one together? :)

you always come up with incredible things to post...

Gem said...

Wow, these are nice!