I first found out about Suno over at She Breathes Life. Fashion. Culture the other day and I was completely HOOKED. I was having one of my "I'd rather be somewhere warm and sunny where I can wear fun clothes" moments so when found out about this company I felt like it was exactly what I needed to see. The New York-based designer, Max Osterweis, has been collecting textiles from Kenya for over a decade and finally decide to put them to some money-making use! While the designs are dreamt up in New York city, the owner actually sends material to Kenya to have them made. I'm not so sure what that means in terms of price (i.e. are we talking $200 for a tank-top?) or the major carbon footprint that leaves (obviously a little less then the 99.9999% of clothing goods that come from China)....but I still love it and love the fact that Kenyans get to reap a percentage of the benefits. SOOO, if you happen to be in Manhattan in the spring and heading by Opening Ceremony, you can pick up one of these pieces. It's a definite stop for me on my next trip to the city!

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kelly jo said...

give it up to KEEEEEENNNNNNNYA! and NYC! pure joy on this harmattan day. thanks (or should i say asante), i needed that!