Forget Snowboarding I'm all about the SAND!!!

I admit...of all the African countries that I'm interested in visiting, for some reason Namibia isn't at the top of the list or at least it wasn't until a few minutes ago. I've always liked the 'idea' of snowboarding but my whole distaste of being cold always keeps me from even thinking about spending hours in the snow. I've been told by friends who are avid snowboarders or skiers that "it's so fun" or "it's really hot once you get going" but I refuse to be bamboozled!

That said, I'm all for trying out sandboarding! It's generally hot - it's the desert after all - which is exactly how I like my weather and from what I've seen, the crowds are generally less!

Has anyone tried this??

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A Spark of Me said...

No but I definitely have heard of it.. I friend of mine did it when she was traveling in South Africa! It looks pretty amazing though.. I figure if I can snowboard I could sandboard.. :p