My First Before and After

Just in case you thought you could predict topics that I'm going to write about, I'm going to twist it up with something exciting that I did this weekend (just in case the pictures don't give it away...keep reading the words)! I have long been into many things interior design related and those blogs were really the inspiration for me starting this blog. During the down times while I was in Sudan, I would day-dreamed about having my own little space and all the ways that I would decorate it. I already knew then that furnisher in the land of the free certainly ain't free, so I knew I would be getting a lot of old pieces and re-doing them in a way that would fit the style of my apt. Well...now that I'm here, this is my chance. While I've managed smaller DIY (do-it-yourself) projects, re-upholstery has been a little bit final-frontierish for me. This weekend was the moment to take the bull by the horns. Despite a running nose-turned- congestion, a fever leading to chills while under burning hot water, and achy muscles - I re-did my first chair!!!

Oh the questions and challenges were plenty: do I leave it brown or paint it white (repeat question multiple a day for several weeks); what is the perfect fabric and trim; what does the anatomy of a chair really look like (cool if you like seeing how things are built like me) semi-mastering the staple gun; using double-sided tape since I couldn't find my other power tool - the glue-gun - and watching trim unravel soon after this picture; not to mention being short by a mere 1/2 yard of trim.

While I'm still torn about whether the white was the right decision (the brown was so classy yet I chose this fabric and white color precisely for the crisp/lightness that I'm hoping for in my tiny bedroom) and need for glue-gun - I'm just proud of myself for at least trying something I didn't think I could do. Now on to so many other goals!

Side note: this looks easy - it's a simple chair after all - I certainly left with a newfound respect for people who do this as a living and charge $100s of dollars for this (one of the key factors that lead me to tackle this project myself)! Check out my favorite Chairloom to see how a real professional does it!


kelly jo said...

I LOVE IT. i think either the brown or the white would have worked, but i think you need the lightness of the white in your room. good job, mama! i'm proud of you!

Style Noir said...

Great work!

The white is perfection.