Things-etta Moment

Every now and then, I find myself caught up in a moment or situation or feeling and I have to step back and remind myself to chillax! Saturday was a classic example. I was literally all over the place. From picking up all types of materials for my little gardening project, getting various pieces of furniture for my apartment, picking up mystical purple paint for the bathroom, spending time in the ceramics studio to finally helping a friend select furniture for her place. The day ended with the perfect desk on my mind, plotting whether I not I should purchase it, what color I would paint it, whether my new horseshoe chair would work with it, etc. I came home and looked around at the emptiness that is still my apartment and felt completely defeated....I never realized how much time, money and effort it took to make a house a home.

It wasn't until yesterday that I was able to pull my act together and realize that I was having a complete and utter things-etta moment. This is what my sister and I joking call people who just likes having things. In my case, it was furniture. Technically speaking, I had everything I essentially needed in my apartment a long time ago. Yet, I find it amazing how easily I found myself caught up in all the 'things' I don't have instead of looking around me and seeing all the things I do have! I have a rather comfortable living room with more seats than my one butt can sit in, a cosy bed that is near impossible to get out of every morning, and even a poof to rest my foot on! I had to remind myself of that I have lived for extended periods of time with a WHOLE LOT LESS in Sudan and that there are people right here in the land of the free surviving on less . So what I was I obsessing and feeling defeated about?!?!

Anyway...have you had a things-etta moment, a time when you felt like you didn't have enough_______(fill in the blank)?

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